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The Fuji FinePix A345 and A350 are entry-level digital point and shoot cameras. They feature a 3x optical zoom, a resolution of 4.1 and 5.2 megapixels respectively, and 320x240 (at 15fps) movie recording with sound capabilities.

Transferring Pictures[edit]

The camera has a number of ways to transfer pictures.

  • The XD-Picture Card (up to 512 MB) can be removed and inserted into a computer, printer, or other device that accepts such cards.
  • Media can be transferred via USB with the supplied USB adapter or cable (or any USB cable with a USB-A connector on one end, and a mini-B connector on the other) to a computer, via DSC mode.
  • Media can be transferred via USB to devices that support PTP while the camera is in PictBridge mode.
  • Media can be displayed/recorded by any device that has standard A/V RCA connections (i.e. nearly any modern television, VCR, PVR, etc.)[1]

Boxed Materials[edit]

Included with a retail purchase of the camera are:

  • The camera itself.
  • A 16Mb XD-Picture Card
  • A video adapter cable
  • A USB adapter cable
  • Software CD for Windows and Macintosh[2]
  • Documents:
    • A 93 page manual[3]
    • Quickstart page in English
    • Quickstart page in Spanish
    • Safety instructions page
    • Registration card
    • Sample "real pictures" advertisement[4]

Product Pictures[edit]

Sample Pictures[edit]

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FinePix A350
FinePix A350 Box-dscf0419.jpg
Type Point-and-shoot
Sensor CCD
Maximum resolution 2592 x 1944
Lens Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens
Flash Auto flash
Shutter Unknown
Shutter speed range 2 to 1/2,000 sec.
ASA/ISO range 64 - 400
Exposure metering Unknown
Exposure modes Portrait, landscape, sports, night, auto, and manual modes
Metering modes Unknown
Focus areas Unknown
Focus modes none
Continuous shooting yes (depending on picture quality)[5]
Viewfinder Real image optical (appx. 75% coverage) and Electronic
Flash bracketing Unknown
Focus bracketing Unknown
Custom WB yes
WB bracketing Unknown
Rear LCD monitor 1.8" Amorphous silicon TFT LCD (approx. 115,000 pixels / 90% coverage)
Storage XD-Picture Card (xD)
Battery Two AA batteries
Optional battery packs Two 2500 mAh NiMH AA rechargeable batteries[6]
Weight 132g, without batteries and media

References and notes[edit]

  1. ^ The camera has an A/V connector, and an A/V cable is supplied with two RCA connectors. One is video, the other is audio. This cable can be plugged into any television, VCR, PVR, or any other device with such connectors. Most televisions, VCRs, and PVRs made have these plugs.
  2. ^ BX Version 4.3d for Windows and Macintosh, includes
    • 2 AA batteries, often energizer long life "e2" batteries
    FinePix Viewer, USB Driver, and RAW file converter. The software may be downloadable from the official website, but registration was required as of this writing.
  3. ^ The manual may be downloadable from the official website, but registration was required as of this writing.
  4. ^ See for more information about the picture printing offered by Fuji.
  5. ^ If continuous mode is what I think it is, this model, if the mode is selected, and the button held down, will take four photos in a row, with a short pause between pictures.
  6. ^ The Energizer model CHDCWB-4 sells for about $20 USD, and provides the charger and 4 batteries that meets the "two 2500 mAh NiMH AA rechargeable" measure. They work much better than standard AA batteries. Smaller mAh values will also work, but last less time.