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Fujifilm Finepix s9600 or Finepix s9100 is a prosumer or bridge digital camera released by Fujifilm in 2006 and intended for the enthusiastic amateur. The camera is basically an upgrade from the Finepix s9500 or s9000 due to a few technical faults such as the Command dial failure. A few upgrades have been put in place such as improved LCD size and quality, image sharpness and low light autofocus, the new camera acts as a definite upgrade to its predecessor. However. it does not have optical image stabilization, a desirable feature in long-zoom cameras. Consumers wanting that feature would have to wait until the next upgrade of this line of camera, the S100fs.

It has a long list of advanced prosumer features, like combining having wide angle (28mm equivalent on a 35mm camera) with having a long-zoom which is rare among long-zoom cameras (most of which being 35mm equivalent at the wide end of the zoom). It also has a full range of manual settings, mechanical zoom ring, high ISO-sensitivities and some of the versatile features of Live-Preview Digital cameras (LPDs) or compact cameras like movie mode, movable LCD panel, macro mode, etc.

Main Features[edit]

  1. 9.0 million effective pixels (18 million when RAW-enabled)
  2. RAW option
  3. Lens: 6.2-66.7mm focal length (equivalent to 28-300mm on 35mm film)
  4. Max aperture f/2.8-4.9
  5. 21.4x total zoom (10.7x optical, 2.0x digital)
  6. Macro mode starting from 1cm
  7. Sensitivity: ISO equivalent to ISO 80/100/200/400/800/1600
  8. Shutter speeds: 30 secs. to 1/4000 second
  9. Hot shoe for external flash
  10. Compact flash memory cards and XD
  11. Video recording
  12. Tilting 2.0-inch LCD with 235,000 pixels
  13. Crop factor 4.5x

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