Fine Things

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Fine Things
Fine things cover.jpg
First edition
AuthorDanielle Steel
CountryUnited States
GenreRomance novel
PublisherDelacorte Press
Publication date
February 1, 1987
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages432 pp

Fine Things is a romance novel by American Danielle Steel. The book was published on February 1, 1987, by Dell Publications. A film adaptation was released in 1990. It is Steel's 21st novel.

Plot summary[edit]

The plot follows Bernard Fine, a fictional character in his 30s who has recently been promoted to senior vice-president of Wolff's Department Store in his home town of New York City. Although enjoying his life, Bernie is sent to San Francisco to open a new Wolff's store. Bernie gets a new outlook on life when he meets little Jane O'Reilly, and soon after falls in love with her mother, Liz O'Reilly, a resident in California. After forming a relationship and marrying, Liz becomes pregnant with their first child, only to develop cancer shortly after the birth, given only a short amount of time to live. When Liz dies, Bernie is left with the responsibility of two children, and must take a new lease and have new experiences throughout his life.[1]


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