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"Fine and Dandy" is a popular song from the 1930 Broadway musical of the same name.

The music was written by Kay Swift, the lyrics by Paul James (pseudonym for James Paul Warburg). The song was published in 1930.

The song was introduced in the musical of the same name in 1930, and has since become a pop and jazz standard. A take-off using the same chord structure but a different melodic line was recorded by Woody Herman and called "Keen and Peachy".

Barbra Streisand recorded it in 1964 for her album, People.[1]

New York weatherman Tex Antoine used this as his theme music for many years.

The tune is often associated with the magic act performed by Art Metrano, which consists of an inept magician performing inane tricks while chanting "duh-duh-da, duh-duh-DA DA!" over and over.



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