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Origin Manchester, UK
Genres Turntablism, Nu jazz, Electronica, hip-hop
Years active 2000–present
Labels Grand Central Records
Ninja Tune (US)
Associated acts Rae & Christian
Members Sneaky
Peter Parker
Cavetroll Drury

Fingathing are an instrumental Nu jazz / hip-hop band from Manchester, UK, comprising classically trained double bass player Sneaky, DJ / turntablist Peter Parker and Visual Artist Chris Cavetroll Drury.


Parker was a finalist at the UK DMC DJ Championship, where Mark Rae was on the judging panel. Parker later met Rae at the Fat City Records store in Manchester and was asked to audition for the Rae & Christian live backing band.

Parker performed along with Sneaky for Rae & Christian, before teaming up as a pair. The band were signed to Rae's Grand Central Records in the UK (sub-contracted to Ninja Tune in the US), and have released three studio albums plus a best of compilation.

The band's album and single sleeves contain distinctive cartoon drawings by Chris Cavetroll Drury. Cavetroll also creates the animated visuals for the band when playing live.

Fingathing albums[edit]

Solo releases[edit]

  • Peter Parker released a limited edition DJ mix CD called Life After Death Mix.
  • Sneaky has also released two limited edition mix CDs entitled Biscuit Mix and Bloody Axe Mix.
  • Sneaky - Feel Like A King EP (4 January 2008)
  • Sneaky - "Feel Like A King...Pluck A String" album (June 2009) Big Chill Label


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