Finger of Og

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Finger of Og
Finger of Og is located in Israel
Finger of Og
Shown within Israel
Location Israel
Coordinates 31°46′55″N 35°13′18″E / 31.782075°N 35.221714°E / 31.782075; 35.221714
Type pillar
Length 12 metres (39 ft)
Material local stone

The Finger of Og King of Bashan, is the name given to a huge stone pillar, sometimes called Herod's Pillar, which lies in front of the Russian Compound in Jerusalem, Israel.

The column measures 12 metres (39 ft) long and is thought to have been intended for use in either Herod's Temple,[1][2] or the later Byzantine Nea Church.[3] Its upper surface is partially dressed and the discovery of a flaw appears to be the reason it was abandoned and left in-situ.[4]

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