Fingerprints (film)

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The DVD cover shows a zombie like older girl in a white short sleeve dress looking down in a graveyard, the movie title is written in blood that is leaking down
Directed by Harry Basil
Produced by Brian Cleveland
Jason Cleveland
Written by Brian Cleveland
Jason Cleveland
Starring Leah Pipes
Kristin Cavallari
Josh Henderson
Release date
October 16, 2006
Country United States
Language English

Fingerprints is a 2006 Horror Mystery film by Harry Basil starring Leah Pipes, Kristin Cavallari and Josh Henderson. The cinematography is allegedly inspired from the "Sixth Sense".


Fingerprints is based on an urban legend out of San Antonio,[1][2][3] Texas that centers around a school bus full of children that was involved in a terrible accident with a train leaving all the children dead. According to the legend, if a driver stops his or her car, in neutral, on the same stretch of tracks now, the ghosts of the children will push it to a safe area. Some of the townspeople in the film even claim to have discovered fingerprints on the back of their cars after being pushed off the tracks (The writers of this film grew up in Texas around a similar legend). The movie centers around a teenage girl, Melanie (Pipes), who has just finished rehab. She moves to her family's new home in the town of Emerald, where her father is a part of the crew constructing a highway over the old train tracks. Her sister, Crystal (Cavallari), tells her of the legend and she begins seeing the ghost of Julie, one of the dead children and becomes more and more involved in mysterious occurrences in the town.[4]



1. Lawrence as Mitch - stabbed to death with spear by Mary

2. Ashley Wyatt as Carolyn - stabbed through the neck with spear by Mary

3. Lou Diamond Phillips as Dr. Doug - stabbed to death with surgery tool by Mary

4. Geoffrey Lewis as Keeler - commits suicide by hanging himself after confessing the truth to Melanie' '

5. Josh Henderson as Penn - stabbed with spear through the back


Fingerprints was filmed in April and May 2006 in two Oklahoma towns. Parts of the film center around Emerald High School that Cavallari attends in the fictional town of Emerald, Texas. All of these scenes were filmed inside the historic Harding High School building in Oklahoma City. In addition, scenes were filmed in the Heritage Hills neighborhood of Oklahoma City (another historic area), along with various other sites in Oklahoma City. Parts of the movie were filmed at the Stone Lion Inn in the town of Guthrie, a currently operating bed & breakfast. The scene at the Train Depot was also filmed in Guthrie, OK. The Police Department scene, including, the jail scene were filmed at the Guthrie Police Department.

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