Finian Lobhar

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Finian the Leper
Born Bregia, Leinster, Ireland
Died 560 AD
Honored in Eastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Feast 16 March

Saint Finian the Leper (Irish: Saint Finian Lobhar) was an early Irish saint credited with founding a church and monastery at Innisfallen in Killarney.[1]

Saint Finian was a disciple of St. Columba. He was a strict Irish abbot, whose monks followed a vegetarian diet.[2] For a period of time, he stayed in Clonmore, later becoming the abbot of Swords Abbey near Dublin.[1] He may have returned to Clonmore in his later years, and was called Lobhar, "The Leper". Following the custom, he acquired the name when he contracted leprosy from a young boy, who he had cured of the disease.[3] A conflicting source, however, says that he only cured the boy and did not contract leprosy himself.[4] His feast day is on March 16.[2]


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