Finland at the 2010 Winter Paralympics

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Finland at the
2010 Winter Paralympics
Flag of Finland.svg
IPC code FIN
NPC Finnish Paralympic Committee
in Vancouver
Competitors 5 in 3 sports
Flag bearer Ilkka Tuomisto[1]
Ranked 17th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 1 1 2
Winter Paralympics appearances

Finland will send a delegation to compete at the 2010 Winter Paralympics, in Vancouver. It will be fielding a total of five athletes (three men and two women), in alpine skiing, biathlon and cross-country skiing.[2]

Alpine skiing - Paralympic pictogram.svg Alpine skiing[edit]

The following athlete will be Finland's sole representative in alpine skiing:

Athlete Event Final
Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Total Time Calculated Time Rank
Katja Saarinen

Biathlon - Paralympic pictogram.svg Biathlon[edit]

The following two athletes will represent Finland in biathlon:

Athlete Events Final
Real time Missed shots Factor % Finish time Rank
Maija Loytynoja
Jarmo Ollanketo

Cross-country skiing - Paralympic pictogram.svg Cross-country skiing[edit]

The following four athletes will represent Finland in cross-country skiing:

Athlete Event Final
Time Calculated Time Rank
Rudolf Klemetti
Maija Loytynoja
Jarmo Ollanketo
Ilkka Tuomisto

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