Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006

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Eurovision Song Contest 2006
Country Finland
National selection
Selection processEuroviisut 2006
Selection date(s)Semi-finals
13 January 2006
20 January 2006
27 January 2006
3 February 2006
10 March 2006
Selected entrantLordi
Selected song"Hard Rock Hallelujah"
Finals performance
Semi-final resultQualified (1st, 292 points)
Final result1st, 292 points
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Lordi represented Finland at Eurovision 2006.

Finland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 was selected on 10 March 2006 in a final held in the Caribia hall in Turku, hosted by Heikki Paasonen and Jaana Pelkonen. The Finnish viewers chose the band Lordi to perform "Hard Rock Hallelujah", a rock anthem, at Eurovision. The song was a favourite before the competition and also scored major success when released as a single. The song, written and composed by band member Mr. Lordi, went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, placing first in both the semifinal and final. This gave Finland its first ever win in the competition.

Lordi is a melodic theatrical heavy-rock band, mostly known for their unusual monster costumes and lyrical themes. The members are Lordi, Amen, Ox, Awa, and Kita. Lordi have released four albums with many hit songs. The members have never shown themselves in public without their masks. Lordi itself says the band does not exist without the masks. Before the Athens competition there was some controversy in Finland protesting the selection of such an unusual musical style and stage theatrics. Several newspaper readers' letters called for a reconsideration of the representative in favour of more traditional pop music.

Results of the national final[edit]

Before the main final, semi-finals were held in Tampere, in which a song was selected for each of the twelve candidates. These songs competed in the main final, and, after a round of televoting, six were eliminated. A new vote was held for the remaining six, the results of which are below.

First Round

Draw Singer Song Televote Place
1 Tomi Metsäketo "Eternamente Maria" 4,835 2
2 Jennie "Take Me Higher" 4,311 3
3 Lordi "Hard Rock Hallelujah" 29,150 1
4 Johanna Pakonen "Kerta Viimeinen" 1,456 9
5 Ville Pusa & Christa Renwall "Eternally" 1,308 10
6 Nina & Hanna-Riikka "Who I Am" 1,793 7
7 Annika Eklund "Shanghain valot" 4,145 4
8 Jane "V.I.P." 2,774 5
9 Kilpi "Katharsis" 1,816 6
10 Marita Taavitsainen "Antaudun" 516 12
11 Katariina Hänninen "Liian Aikaisin" 970 11
12 Safe Six "I Can't Wait" 1,480 8

Second Round

Draw Singer Song Televote Place
1 Annika Eklund "Shanghain valot" 19,565 3
2 Kilpi "Katharsis" 4,685 6
3 Jane "V.I.P." 6,308 5
4 Lordi "Hard Rock Hallelujah" 67,369 1
5 Jennie "Take Me Higher" 15,138 4
6 Tomi Metsäketo "Eternamente Maria" 45,431 2

At Eurovision[edit]

Because Finland failed to qualify in 2005 Lordi was forced to compete in the Eurovision semi-final, Finland performed 16th following Ukraine and preceding Netherlands qualified to the final, placing 1st in the semi-final and scoring 292 points. In the final, Finland performed 17th, following Greece and preceding Ukraine. Lordi received 292 points, winning the contest for Finland. It is the best result for this country to date. Finland pre-qualified to compete directly in the final of the 2007 Contest.

Points awarded to Finland[edit]

Points awarded to Finland (Semi-final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
Points awarded to Finland (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Finland[edit]

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