Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007

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Eurovision Song Contest 2007
Country  Finland
National selection
Selection process Euroviisut 2007
Selection date(s) Semi-finals
20 January 2007
27 January 2007
3 February 2007
10 February 2007
17 February 2007
Selected entrant Hanna Pakarinen
Selected song "Leave Me Alone"
Finals performance
Final result 17th, 53 points
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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At the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, Finland chose their entry through Euroviisut 2007. Finland will be acting as host of the Eurovision contest for the first time, after Lordi won in 2006. The winning artist was Hanna Pakarinen, who represented Finland with her song Leave Me Alone. The song was composed by Martti Vuorinen and Miikka Huttunen, with lyrics by Martti Vuorinen and Pakarinen.

Hanna Pakarinen is a pop singer who came to fame by winning the Finnish Idols talent competition with 60% of the votes. She has had many hit singles and album successes behind her and is one of the most successful English language singers in Finland.

Since Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, Hanna Pakarinen entered directly into the final contest on 12 May 2007. Finland finished seventeenth in the final competition, with 53 points.

Euroviisut 2007 - Final[edit]

For the results of the semi-finals, see Euroviisut 2007.
Draw Song Artist Televotes Place
1 Leave Me Alone Hanna Pakarinen 73052 1st
2 Anyone, Anymore Lovex 38175 3rd
3 Face In The Mirror Thunderstone 54716 2nd

Points Awarded by Finland[edit]

Points Awarded to Finland (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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