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Finn (pl. Finns) is commonly used to refer to a member of the Finn ethnic group or a citizen of Finland.

As a name
  • Finn (given name), including a list of people with the given name Finn
  • Finn (surname), English and German-language surname
  • Finn (Frisian), a Frisian King, who appears in Beowulf and The Fight at Finnsburg
  • Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn mac Cumhal; anglicised to Finn McCool), a legendary warrior of Irish mythology
  • several legendary High Kings of Ireland
  • A short form of Finnegan
  • "Finn" is an old Scandinavian ethnonym (now often considered pejorative, but originally neutral) for the Sami people
  • WWE NXT wrestler Fergal Devitt has the ring name Finn Bálor
Fictional characters
As a title
  • Finn: A Novel, a 2007 novel by Jon Clinch
  • Phineas Finn, an 1867 novel by Anthony Trollope and the name of its leading character
  • "Finn", a song by Tori Amos for the Great Expectations (1998 film) soundtrack
  • Finn (album), a 1995 album by the Finn Brothers.
  • "Finn", an episode in the television series The Lost World

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