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The surname Finn has several origins. In some cases it is derived from the Irish Ó Finn, meaning "descendant of Fionn"; the byname means "white" or "fair-haired". In other cases it is derived from the Old Norse Finnr, a personal name sometimes derived from a byname, or else from compound names beginning with this word element. In other cases Finn is a German surname derived from an ethnic name referring to people from Finland. Notable people sharing the surname are listed below.


Born after 1700
Born after 1800
Born after 1900
  • John William Finn (1909–2010), American naval officer and recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Howard Finn (1917–1986), American local politician
  • Hubert Finn (1900-1952), Australian rugby league footballer and physician
  • Gilbert Finn (born 1920), Canadian businessman and provincial politician
  • Ted Finn (c.1930–2007), Canadian lawyer and government official; first director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
  • Chester E. Finn, Jr. (born 1944) American professor of education, policy analyst, and US Asst. Sec. of Education
  • Ronald Finn (1930–2004), English medical researcher
  • Jimmy Finn (born 1931), Irish hurler
  • Mali Finn (1938–2007), American teacher and Hollywood casting director
  • Mickey Finn (inventor) (1938–2007), American inventor and designer of military weapons systems
  • Ron Finn (born 1940), Canadian professional ice hockey linesman
  • Shirley Finn (1941–1975), Australian brothel owner who was murdered
  • Robert Finn (ambassador) (born 1945), American diplomat
  • Christine Finn (born before 1946), British Raj-English actress
  • Mickey Finn (musician) (1947–2003), English percussionist
Born after 1950
Living with unknown birth year
  • Tom Finn (living), American musician
  • Will Finn (living), American animator, voice actor, and director
  • Chris Finn (living), Canadian stand-up comedian and writer
  • Roger Finn (living), Hong Kong-British television presenter
  • Kenny Finn (living), Irish-American soccer and gaelic football player
  • Mike Finn (living), Irish international amateur sportsperson
  • Paul Anthony Finn (living), Irish singer-songwriter
  • Jeremy Finn, American psychologist

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