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The Finn Juhl Prize is a design prize awarded annually by the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation to a recipient who has made a special effort in the field of furniture design–with special reference to chairs—such as an architect, manufacturer, writer.[1] Founded in 2003, its name commemorates the Danish architect and furniture designer Finn Juhl. The recipient receives DKK 175,000 (approximately $ 33,000) and the award ceremony takes place at the Ordrupgaard Art Museum north of Copenhagen, Denmark.[2]


Year Keeper
2003 Maya Lin[3]
2004 Louise Campbell[4]
2005 Foersom and Hiort-Lorenzen[4]
2006 PP Møbler[4]
2007 Cecilie Manz[5]
2008 Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec[6]
2009 Hans Sandgren Jakobsen[1]
2010 Kasper Salto
2011 Ditte Hammerstrøm[2]
2012 Mathias Bengtsson[7]
2013 Department of Carpentry,
Copenhagen Technical School[7]
2014 Maria Wettergren[7]

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