Finnish Aviation Museum

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Finnish Aviation Museum
Suomen Ilmailumuseo
Main building of the Finnish Aviation Museum
Finnish Aviation Museum is located in Finland
Finnish Aviation Museum
Location within Finland
Established 4 December 1969
Location Veromies, Vantaa, Finland
Coordinates 60°18.253′N 024°57.652′E / 60.304217°N 24.960867°E / 60.304217; 24.960867Coordinates: 60°18.253′N 024°57.652′E / 60.304217°N 24.960867°E / 60.304217; 24.960867
Type Aviation museum
Collection size 9,000 object
17,000 books
Owner Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation
Public transit access Local and regional bus routes

The Finnish Aviation Museum (Finnish: Suomen ilmailumuseo) is a museum specialising in aircraft, located near Helsinki Airport in Veromies, Vantaa, Finland.


The Aviation Museum Society (Finnish: Ilmailumuseoyhdistys ry) was founded on 4 December 1969. Opened in 1972, the museum was initially located in the basement of the Helsinki Airport terminal but received its own facilities in 1981.[1] The museum has constantly expanded and today has an office wing, research rooms, aviation library, archive, and an auditorium for 200 people.

Currently the museum is owned by the Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation (Finnish: Suomen Ilmailumuseosäätiö), founded in 1996.[1]


The museum displays some 9,000 items, and the library has about 17,000 books[2] and 160,000 aviation-related magazines. Furthermore, the museum has a large collection of flight instruction and service books. There are also some 78,000 photographs, negatives, and slides. The archive spans some 1,600 shelf metres.[3]

The whole collection comprises some 80 aircraft, of which 22 are gliders. The following is a list of some of the more noteworthy aircraft:

A complete list can be found at the museum's web page.

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