Finnish Rugby Federation

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Finnish Rugby Federation
Suomen Rugbyliitto ry
Finland rugby logo.png
Sport Rugby union
Founded 1968
WR affiliation 1999
Rugby Europe affiliation 1999
President New Zealand Palemia Field
Men's coach England Bob Hussey
Women's coach Finland Lauri Ylönen

The Finnish Rugby Federation (SRL) (Finnish: Suomen Rugbyliitto) is recognised as the national governing body for rugby in Finland. It is a member of several organisations, including World Rugby and Rugby Europe, and has been a support member of Suomen Liikunta ja Urheilu since 2011.[1] SRL was founded in 1968 and has as its members Finnish rugby clubs and the Finland Rugby Referees Association.

SRL's mission is to develop the sport in Finland and support the local clubs in their activities. The organisation is responsible for the Men's XV's National Team, Women's XV's National Team, Finland women's national rugby union team (sevens), the Under 20's National Team and the Under 17's National Team. The SRL also administers and organises domestic rugby competitions in Finland.

Interest in rugby in Finland has increased in recent years and SRL strongly believes that rugby has a future in Finland, where team and contact sports are appreciated. This is indicated by significant financial and organisational support by the Finnish Ministry of Education and local council sport departments.


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