Finnish Tax Administration

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Finnish Tax Administration
Finnish: Verohallinto, Swedish: Skatteförvaltningen
Finnish Tax Administration logo.svg
Agency overview
HeadquartersVallila, Helsinki
Annual budget408 million euros
Agency executive
  • Markku Heikura
Parent agencyMinistry of Finance Edit this at Wikidata

The Finnish Tax Administration (Finnish: Verohallinto, Swedish: Skatteförvaltningen) is the revenue service of Finland. It is a government agency steered by the Ministry of Finance. The Finnish Tax Administration had 4,983 employees in 2016.[1] It collects around two-thirds of the taxes in the country, with the rest being collected by the Finnish Customs and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.[2] It collects around 55 billion euros and operates with a 408 million euro budget.[1]

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