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Finnish Transport Agency ()
Liikennevirasto logo Fin color.svg
Agency overview
Formed 2010
Preceding agencies
  • Finnish Road Administration
  • Finnish Rail Administration
  • Finnish Maritime Administration
Jurisdiction  Finland
Headquarters Helsinki
Agency executive
Parent Agency Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Finnish Transport Agency (Finnish: Liikennevirasto, Swedish: Trafikverket) is responsible for the maintenance of Finland's transport system. The Agency took over from the Finnish Rail Administration (RHK, Finnish: Ratahallintokeskus, Swedish: Banförvaltningscentralen) and parts of the work of the former Finnish Maritime Administration (Finnish: Merenkulkulaitos, Swedish: Sjöfartsverket) and the Finnish Road Administration (Finnish: Tiehallinto, Swedish: Vägförvaltningen) on 1 January 2010.

Road Network[edit]

The Finnish road network comprises highways, municipal street networks and private roads. Together with the regional ELY Centres, the Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the maintenance and development of the state-owned road network. There are 78,000 kilometres of highways maintained by the state in Finland.[1]

Rail Administration[edit]

Finnish: Rautatieosasto
Locale Finland
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Headquarters Helsinki

The Finnish Rail Administration (RHK, Finnish: Ratahallintokeskus, Swedish: Banförvaltningscentralen) used to be the governmental agency responsible for managing Finland's rail transport infrastructure. RHK is responsible for planning, construction, maintenance, and traffic control on the Finnish railway network. The primary user of the network is VR Group.

Maritime Administration[edit]


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