Finnish Armed Forces radio alphabet

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Letter Code word Meaning
A Aarne male name
B Bertta female name
C Celsius Swedish scientist Anders Celsius
D Daavid male name
E Eemeli male name
F Faarao Finnish for 'pharaoh'
G Gideon biblical name
H Heikki male name
I Iivari male name
J Jussi male name
K Kalle male name
L Lauri male name
M Matti male name
N Niilo male name
O Otto male name
P Paavo male name
Q kuu Finnish name of the letter q, also Finnish for 'moon'
R Risto male name
S Sakari male name
T Tyyne female name
U Urho male name, also Finnish for 'hero'
V Vihtori male name
W Viski Finnish for whisky
X äksä Finnish name of the letter x
Y Yrjö male name
Z zeta Finnish name of the letter z
Å Åke Swedish male name
Ä äiti mother
Ö öljy oil

Finnish Defence Forces switched over to the NATO phonetic alphabet in 2005, but the Finnish one is used for Å, Ä, Ö and digits.[1] International operations use only the NATO alphabet.

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