Finnish cultural and academic institutes

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Finnish cultural and academic institutes
Finnish institute in london logo2008.jpg
Founder Government of Finland
Type Cultural institution
Area served
Product Finnish cultural education

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes (in Finnish: Suomen kulttuuri- ja tiedeinstituutit) is a group of cultural and educational organizations which aim at promoting the Finnish language and culture. It was founded in 2005, with the merging of the various Finnish cultural centers on the world. It is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

It comprises 17 institutes around the world: Athens (Greece), Brussel (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Copenhagen (Denmark), London (United Kingdom), Madrid (Spain), Damascus (Syria), New York City (United States), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Saint Peterburg (Russia), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia) and Tokyo (Japan).

The Finnish Institute in London[edit]

The Finnish Institute in London is a cultural organization which works to promote cultural exchange between Finland and the UK. They do this through arranging partnerships between organizations both locally and abroad.

The mission of the Finnish Institute in London (in Finnish: Suomen Lontoon instituutti) is to identify issues emerging in contemporary society and to facilitate social change. They work with artists, researchers, experts and policy makers in Finland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to promote strong networks within the fields of culture and social studies. They also support artistic interventions and social innovation.

The Finnish Institute in London has two main programme strands: Culture and Society. Within the field of culture they work to facilitate cultural export, artist exchange and collaborations across the arts and across borders. Within social studies they look to turn research results into evidence for policy makers.

The Finnish Institute in London is a part of the Finnish cultural and academic institutes network which is formed of seventeen independent institutes.


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