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Finnish Naval Ship Nuoli Class.jpg
Class overview
Name: Nuoli
Completed: 13
General characteristics
Type: Fast attack craft
Length: 22.0 m
Beam: 6.6 m
Draught: 1.5 m
Propulsion: 3 × Zvezda M50 F water cooled V-12 diesel; each developing 880 kW (1200 hp)
  • 45 knots (top speed)
  • 25 knots (cruise speed)
Complement: 15
Crew: 20
Notes: Ships in class include: Nuoli 1, Nuoli 2, Nuoli 3, Nuoli 4, Nuoli 5, Nuoli 6, Nuoli 7, Nuoli 8, Nuoli 9, Nuoli 10, Nuoli 11, Nuoli 12, Nuoli 13

The Nuoli class motor gunboats (English: Arrow) was a series of thirteen fast attack craft (gun) of the Finnish Navy. The ships were constructed in 1961 by Oy Laivateollisuus AB in Turku, and modernized in 1979. The Nuoli motor gunboats played a very important role in naval training and were in service to early 90s.[1]

There are two distinctive versions, 1-10 and 11-13. The former could be distinguished by having a higher superstructure. All were equipped with three Soviet-made V-12 diesel engines. There was no separate cruise engine, except from a small auxiliary engine that produced electricity. The vessels were first equipped with large screws, but later changed to smaller, albeit equally effective screws, manufactured by Finnscrew.

The Nuoli-class was planned to be armed with electrically controlled Bofors 40/70-system, but limitations of the auxiliary engine prevented this. For a brief time, Madsen 20/60 were replaced with Breda 12.7 mm heavy machine-gun which came from WW II-period Fiat G50-fighters; the change back to Madsen was done in 1981.

Finland was forbidden to have torpedo boats after World War II, but the Nuoli class could quickly be converted into such, if need arose.[2] Nuoli-6 was transferred and ferried to Obbnäs torpedo test station in 1982 to be used as test vessel for new Finnish-origin torpedo system, which failed totally. The Nuoli-6 carrying the "tube" - recall on its left side of the bridge - during the trip from Pansio Turku to Obbnäs - so being probably first and so far last of finnish naval vessels carrying torpedo tube. Trip to Obbnäs was done in really heavy weather - the waves were so hard that they damaged the wooden support-structure of the bow. Otherwise the Nuoli-class did very well even rough waves - only limitation was that they had a tendency to make inexperienced crew seasick in record time. Nuoli-6 was driven to a ground in Obbnäs 1983 (summer/autumn) and was stricken. Nuoli-6 was probably most legendary of these boats. It ran many identification missions on Finnish national sea-borders and was the fastest boat of the series. In 1981 it was already quite rotten and had its way to snake through the waves - but maybe for this reason it was much faster than more "dry" boats. As a service-vessel these boats gave one a true feeling of being a sailor. Constructed of wood, they leaked "a bit" an so the atmosphere was rather moist. Living quarters were really limited - even that of the commanding officer. Actually there was no privacy at all - on Nuoli one was true member of the crew. Battle-station was like a hellhole. Dark, really noisy, moist, well warmed because of near engine room and also exhaust/diesel smell came easily to make the life of marine officer and radio-operator even worse. The vessels are today spread all over Finland, and one is in Germany (Nuoli 12). Nuoli 8 is preserved at the Turku marine museum Forum Marinum.

MGB Nuoli.jpg

Vessels of the class[edit]

Nuoli 1
(Pennant number: 31)
Nuoli 2
(Pennant number: 32)
Nuoli 3
(Pennant number: 33)
Nuoli 4
(Pennant number: 34) Scrapped in 1979
Nuoli 5
(Pennant number: 35)
Nuoli 6
(Pennant number: 36)
Nuoli 7
(Pennant number: 37)
Nuoli 8
(Pennant number: 38) On display at the Turku marine museum Forum Marinum
Nuoli 9
(Pennant number: 39) Scrapped in 1980
Nuoli 10
(Pennant number: 40) In Private ownership berther in Helsinki, Finland.
Nuoli 11
(Pennant number: 41) – In private ownership by Servo Engineering Ltd,berthed in Exeter, UK[3] Sunk at berth and raised, February 2017, awaiting repairs on dockside with serious structural damage to the port side.
Nuoli 12
(Pennant number: 42) built in 1964, now in use as "Traditional Boat" in Germany, rebuilt near to origin state, non-profit association "Traditionsschiff NUOLI 12 e.V."[4]
Nuoli 13
(Pennant number: 43) – In private ownership in Savonlinna, Finland


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