Finnmark County Municipality

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Finnmark County Municipality
Finnmark fylkeskommune
Coat of arms of Finnmark County Municipality
Coat of arms
Location in Norway
Location in Norway
Country Norway
Administrative center Vadsø
 • County mayor Runar Sjåstad
ISO 3166 code NO-20
Revenue NOK 381[1] million
Schools 8
Pupils 2800
Roads 1,484 km (922 mi)

Finnmark County Municipality (Norwegian: Finnmark fylkeskommune, Northern Sami: Finnmárkku fylkkagielda) is the regional governing administration for Finnmark county, Norway. The administration is located in the town of Vadsø and is led by a county council with 35 members. The mayor of the county has been Runar Sjåstad since 2007.[2]

The county council of Finnmark is a democratically elected body with a wide range of responsibilities for the whole county. These responsibilities includes economic and social development, construction and maintenance of county roads, upper secondary education, dental services, and cultural services. In performing its tasks, the county administration works closely with the 19 municipalities of Finnmark as well as other public institutions. Elections for the county council are held every four years, simultaneously with the municipal elections.[3]


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