Finsch (crater)

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Finsch crater AS15-P-9325.jpg
Apollo 15 image
Coordinates 23°36′N 21°18′E / 23.6°N 21.3°E / 23.6; 21.3Coordinates: 23°36′N 21°18′E / 23.6°N 21.3°E / 23.6; 21.3
Diameter 4 km
Depth None
Colongitude 339° at sunrise
Eponym Otto F. H. Finsch
Oblique view of Finsch from Apollo 17

Finsch is a relatively small lunar crater in the mid-part of Mare Serenitatis that has been almost completely (other than the crest of the rim) covered by the mare, forming a ghost crater in the lava plain. It is located to the south-southeast of the crater Sarabhai and northeast of Bessel.