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Fiona Gaunt
Fiona Elizabeth Keet-Gaunt

(1951-05-14) 14 May 1951 (age 68)
London, England

Fiona Gaunt (née Fiona Elizabeth Keet-Gaunt; born 25 May 1951) is an English actress, and the mother of actress Genevieve Gaunt.

Personal life[edit]

Gaunt was born in London. At the age of eighteen, she moved to the Netherlands. In 1985, she met Dutch actor Frederik de Groot. Their daughter, Genevieve, was born in 1991.


Fiona Gaunt played opposite Anthony Hopkins as Hélène Kuragina, wife of Pierre Bezukhov in the BBC's 1972 production of War and Peace.[1] She starred as psychiatrist Helen Smith in the 1973 British science fiction television programme Moonbase 3.[2][3] In order to prepare for the role as Smith, Gaunt studied tapes of the Apollo missions.[4]

Gaunt appeared in a 1973 episode of the comedy series Sykes as a flirty upper class girl who tricked Eric Sykes' character into an engagement, which was scuppered by her father player by Ballard Berkeley. She also starred as Grace Lovell in the 1978 TV adaptation of A Horseman Riding By.[5] She was also in the first production of Undiscovered Country by Tom Stoppard in 1979.[6]

She had a handful of roles in The Two Ronnies, including a stowaway in their spoof of The Onedin Line.


Year Format Title Role
1978 TV Series A Horseman Riding By Grace Lovell.[5]
1973 TV Series Moonbase 3 Dr. Helen Smith.[2]
1973 TV Series The Two Ronnies.[7] Various roles.
1973 TV Series Sykes: An Engagement.[8]
1973 TV Series Justice: Malicious Damage Diana Blumenthal
1972 TV Series War and Peace.[9] Hélène Kuragina.[10]
1971 Miniseries Cousin Bette Leonie.[11]

Stage credits[edit]



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