Fiora (river)

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Ponte Di Badia Vulci.jpg
The Ponte di Badia at Vulci
Country Italy
Basin features
Main source Monte Amiata
1,200 m (3,900 ft)
River mouth Tyrrhenian Sea
Basin size 1,600 square kilometres (620 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 83 km (52 mi)

The Fiora is a river in northern Lazio and southern Tuscany, which springs from the southern flank of the Monte Amiata, near Santa Fiora. After crossing the Lazio Maremma, it flows in the north-western part of the province of Viterbo before getting into the Tyrrhenian Sea near Montalto di Castro. One of the remarkable settlements in the Fiora River during the Bronze Age period is Crostoletto di Lamone, a plateau.

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Coordinates: 42°20′N 11°34′E / 42.333°N 11.567°E / 42.333; 11.567