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Circuito di Fiorano
Fiorano; Ferrari's private test track.svg
Location Fiorano Modenese, Italy
Time zone GMT +1
Coordinates 44°32′2″N 10°51′29″E / 44.53389°N 10.85806°E / 44.53389; 10.85806Coordinates: 44°32′2″N 10°51′29″E / 44.53389°N 10.85806°E / 44.53389; 10.85806
Major events
Length 2.997 km (1.862 mi)
Turns 12
Race lap record 0:55.999 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari F2004, 2004)
Turn 12 of the Fiorano Circuit as seen from the roadside.
F430 in test.

The Fiorano Circuit is a private racetrack owned by Ferrari for development and testing purposes. It is located in Fiorano Modenese, near the Italian town of Maranello.

Built in 1972, it was originally 8.4 metres (27.6 ft) wide and 3000 metres (1.86 miles) long. In 1992, a chicane was added making it 3021 metres (1.88 miles) long, then in 1996 a new renovated track was introduced (a fast bend to replace a sharp corner at the end of the pit straight) which shortened the total length by 24 metres (0.02 miles). The average F1 lap speed is over 160 km/h (99 mph) and the F1 top speed is 290 km/h (180 mph). As Fiorano is a testing track, it has a wide range of corner types, with corner diameters between 370 metres (1,213.9 ft) and 13.71 metres (45.0 ft). Thus Ferrari is able to simulate corner and track types of other Grand Prix circuits.

The track is equipped with telemetry sensors and a large skidpad for tyre testing. In 2001 an irrigation system using rain collected in eight cisterns was installed to simulate wet track conditions. When Scuderia Ferrari are testing a F1 car at the track, it is common to see Tifosi watching the test from the roadside, which is the closest point from which the track is viewable to the public.

Ferrari customers are allowed to test drive new cars at the Fiorano circuit. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is named after this track.

In the 16 years from the time the track opened until his death in 1988, Enzo Ferrari would either sit in his house which was located at the circuit and listen to, or actually sit track side and watch his beloved scarlet Formula One cars testing. Legend has it that this was actually the real reason that the "old man" had the circuit built, so he could enjoy his cars and his drivers without the presence of other F1 cars or the press. In reality Ferrari made the decision of building his own testing track when he realised that the Modena Autodrome could no longer serve this purpose.[citation needed]

Ogni singolo pezzo della pista, deve poter mettere a dura prova il comportamento dinamico dell'auto in modo tale da rendere facile l'individuazione dei problemi di ogni macchina. Da questo momento in poi, voglio che nessuna Ferrari affronti la pista o la produzione di serie senza che abbia superato a pieni voti l'esame Fiorano.[1]

Every single part of the track, must be able to put to the test the dynamic behavior of the car in such a way that makes easy the identification of the problems of every car. From this moment on, I don't want any Ferrari to tackle the track or address mass-production without passing the Fiorano test with flying colours.

Enzo Ferrari

Fiorano Circuit record lap times[edit]

Car Record Driver Year Note
Formula One cars
Ferrari F2004 0'55.999 Germany Michael Schumacher 2004[2]
Ferrari F2003-GA 0'56.33 Germany Michael Schumacher 2003
Ferrari 248 F1 0'57.099 Brazil Felipe Massa 2006
Ferrari F2005 0'57.146 Germany Michael Schumacher 2005
Ferrari SF70H 0'57.15 Finland Kimi Räikkönen 2017
Ferrari F2002 0'57.476 Germany Michael Schumacher 2002
Ferrari F2007 0'58.366 Brazil Felipe Massa 2007
Ferrari F310B 0'59.00 Germany Michael Schumacher 1997
Ferrari F2008 0'59.111 Italy Mirko Bortolotti 2008
Ferrari F399 1'00.226 Italy Luca Badoer 1999
Ferrari 412T 1'00.31 France Jean Alesi 1994
Race cars
Ferrari 333 SP 1'11.90
Maserati MC12 Competizione 1'11.711 Italy Andrea Bertolini slicks
Ferrari 333 SP 1'13.00 slicks, air restrictors
Ferrari FXX-K 1'14.00
Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione 1'15.00 2011 [3]
Ferrari 360 GT2 1'15.00
Ferrari FXX Evoluzione 1'16.00 Mexico Martino Lopez 2007 [4][5]
Ferrari 458 Challenge 1'16.50 2010
Ferrari 599XX 1'16.00 2009 [6]
Ferrari FXX 1'18.00 Italy Dario Benuzzi [5]
Maserati Trofeo 1'21.1 2003
Ferrari F355 Challenge 1'25.40 rear wing
Ferrari 348 Challenge 1'33.00
Road cars
Ferrari LaFerrari 1'19.70 Raffaele De Simone 2015[7]
Ferrari F12tdf 1'21.00 2015[8]
Ferrari 488 Pista 1'21.50 2018[9]
Ferrari 488 Pista Spider 1'21.50 2018
Ferrari 812 Superfast 1'21.50 2017[10]
Ferrari F12berlinetta 1'22.40 Israel Brad Randalbergmanstein 2012
Ferrari 488 GTB 1'23.00 2015
Ferrari 458 Speciale 1'23.50 2013 Michelin Sport Cup 2
Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta 1'23.50 2015[11]
Ferrari 599 GTO 1'24.00 2010
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 1'24.90 2003
Ferrari 458 Italia 1'25.00 2010
Ferrari 430 Scuderia 1'25.00 2007 Pirelli P Zero Corsa
Maserati MC12 1'25.20
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE 1'25.90 2009
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1'26.50 2006
Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M 1'26.50 2009
Ferrari F50 1'27.00 1995
Ferrari F430 1'27.00 2005
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 1'28.00 2003 Semi-slicks
Ferrari F430 1'28.50 2005
Ferrari F40 1'29.60 1987
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 1'30.50 2004
Ferrari 360 Modena 1'31.50 1999
Ferrari 575M Maranello 1'31.512 2002
Ferrari 550 1'32.528 1996
Ferrari F355 F1 1'33.00 1997
Ferrari F355 1'34.00 1994
Ferrari F512M 1'35.00 1995
Ferrari 512TR 1'35.00 1992
Ferrari 456GT 1'35.00 1992
Maserati 4200 GT 1'35.00
Ferrari 288 GTO 1'36.00 1984
Ferrari Testarossa 1'36.00 1984
Ferrari 348TB 1'37.00 1989
Ferrari 328 GTB 1'44.00

Fiorano in video games[edit]

Simulation / Video Game Year Fiorano
Project CARS 2 2017 Yes
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends 2012 Yes
Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010 Yes
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli 2008 Yes
Ferrari GT: Evolution 2008 Yes[12]
rFactor 2005 Yes
Ferrari F355 Challenge 1999 Yes
Ferrari Formula One 1988 Yes[13]
F1 Challenge 99-02 2003 Yes[14]


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