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Fiorenzo Carpi
Fiorenzo Carpi.jpg
Born(1918-10-19)19 October 1918
Died21 May 1997(1997-05-21) (aged 78)

Fiorenzo Carpi (19 October 1918 – 21 May 1997) was an Italian composer and pianist, probably best known for the "Pinocchio" theme.


My theater ... is held together by the notes of Fiorenzo Carpi. Very often his music has give me, since the beginning or during the work, the inner "clarification" I needed, the lighting of an "everything" that I did not understand ..

Born in Milan as Fiorenzo Carpi De Resmini, in 1945 he graduated at the Milan Conservatory, pupil of Arrigo Pedrollo and Giorgio Federico Ghedini;[2][3] then he was a stable member of Piccolo Teatro di Milano since its founding (1947).[2][4] He also collaborated with the Nobel laureate playwright Dario Fo on all his plays between 1953 and 1967, then sporadically until Carpi's death in 1997.[5][6][7] Fo's 1997 play Il diavolo con le zinne (The Devil with Boobs) featured an homage to Carpi following his death.[8]

Carpi was a prolific film score composer, well known for his long collaboration with the director Luigi Comencini. In 1981 he won the David di Donatello for Best Score for Comencini's Voltati Eugenio.[9] He also composed numerous pop songs, television scores, commercial jingles, symphonic and chamber opera works.[2][3]

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