Firangi Mahal

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Firangi Mahal
Location Lucknow
Built 17th century

Firangi Mahal (Lucknow) is located at Victoria road and chowk. The name came as the primary owners of this mahal were from Europe. During the period of Aurangazeb, some French businessmen came and used to stay at this mahal. Mr. Niel (French) was the first owner of this mahal, and it was a good architectural building. Later it was confiscated to the government.

Later it was handed over to the adviser of Aurangazeb Mulla Asad bin Qutub shaheed and his broghter Mulla bin Qutubuddin shaheed. These two brothers made this mahal as the center of Islamic learning. Usually it was compared with the Cambridge University and Oxford University. This mahal has been a centre of learning as well as the cultural centre.[1]

Khilafat movement, Firangi Mahal's role[edit]

Once Mahatma Gandhi stayed for some time in Firangi mahal, he brought his goat with him. The Muslims in and around Firangi Mahal, as a token of resptect, stopped consuming meat during the stay of Gandhi. Maulvi Abdul Bari claimed that Gandhi as a leader of both Hindus and Muslims. Maulvi Abdul Bari was a strong advocate of Hindu Muslim in the nation. The leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Sarojini Naidu were among, who visited Firangi Mahal to bring all the communities in the fold of freedom struggle. Firangi Mahal ulemas were in favour of Khilafat movement. The ulemas of Firangi mahal were charged to death by the British for issuing of jihad fatwa against them.[2]

Important personalities[edit]

  • Mohammad Ali Johar, prominent freedom fighter
  • Maulvi Abdul Bari , he issued a fatwa for jihad against the British Raj[3]