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Single by The Prodigy
from the album Experience
Released 7 September 1992
Format 7 and 12 inch vinyl record
CD single
Recorded Essex, England

3:21 (Fire video/single version) / 3:47 (Jericho video/single version)

  • 4:42 (Fire "Burning" edit)
  • 5:05 (Fire album/Sunrise version)
  • 5:45 (Jericho Genaside II Remix)
Label XL Recordings
Elektra Records
Writer(s) Liam Howlett
Producer(s) Liam Howlett
The Prodigy singles chronology
"Everybody in the Place"
"Out of Space"

"Fire" and "Jericho" are two songs recorded by English electronica/rave act The Prodigy (both were later released under the name "Fire/Jericho", the band's third single, on 7 September 1992). It peaked at number eleven on the UK Singles Chart.

The single was sub-titled "Strangely Limited Edition" due to the 12" vinyl record being deleted after two weeks. This was to move the focus over to the release of the debut album, Experience, following a few weeks later. Even when the single was re-released, the subtitle was still standing.

"Fire" uses the sample "I am the god of Hell fire, and I bring you (fire)" from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's 1968 single of the same name. The "fire" vocal sample following "...I bring you" is taken from Daddy Freddy's "Live Jam". It takes the sampled vocal "When I was a youth I used to burn collie weed in a Rizla" from the track "Hard Times" by Pablo Gad.

"Jericho" uses an interpolation of the distinct melody in "Kunta Kinte" by the Revolutionaries.

A video was directed by frequent collaborator Russell Curtis, but the band didn't like the result and it remained unreleased at the time. The video did however turn up on a compilation from XL called The Video Chapter. Due to its rarity, this video has been much sought after by fans. The music video can now be viewed on the official Prodigy YouTube channel,[1] or through The Prodigy's official website.[2]

Track listing[edit]


7" vinyl record[edit]

A. "Fire" (Edit) (3:21)
AA. "Jericho" (Original Version) (3:47)

12" vinyl record[edit]

  1. "Fire" (Burning Version) (4:42)
  2. "Fire" (Sunrise Version) (5:05)
  3. "Jericho" (Original Version) (3:47)
  4. "Jericho" (Genaside II Remix) (5:45)

CD single[edit]

  1. "Fire" (Edit) (3:21)
  2. "Jericho" (Original Version) (3:47)
  3. "Fire" (Sunrise Version) (5:05)
  4. "Jericho" (Genaside II Remix) (5:45)

Elektra CD single[edit]

  1. "Fire" (Edit) (3:21)
  2. "Jericho" (Original Version) (3:47)
  3. "Fire" (Sunrise Version) (5:05)
  4. "Jericho" (Genaside II Remix) (5:45)
  5. "Pandemonium" (4:25)


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