FireHawk (video game)

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Box cover
Developer(s)Codemasters (Oliver Twins)
Platform(s)NES, Atari ST, Amiga
ReleaseSeptember 1991
Mode(s)one player

FireHawk is an unlicensed game developed by Codemasters (Oliver Twins) which was released by Camerica for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game has the player being commissioned by the President of the United States to stop the trafficking of drugs into the United States. The player flies an Apache helicopter to different places around the world and the player must destroy the drug traffickers' factories. It is very similar to Desert Strike and the rest of the "Strike" series, and nearly identical to Raid on Bungeling Bay, which was released for the Commodore 64 in 1984 as well as the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX computers in 1985.

In 1992 it was released by Codemasters in Europe for the Nintendo Entertainment System (cartridge and Aladdin Deck Enhancer), Atari ST and Amiga.