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AMD FireMV, formerly ATI FireMV, is brand name for graphics cards marketed as a Multi-Display 2D video card, with 3D capabilities same as the low-end Radeon graphics products. It competes directly with Matrox professional video cards. FireMV cards aims at the corporate environment who require several displays attached to a single computer. FireMV cards has options of dual GPU, a total of four display output via a VHDCI connector, or single GPU, a total of two display output via a DMS-59 connector.

FireMV cards are available for PCI and PCI Express interfaces.

Although these are marketed by ATI as mainly 2D cards, the FireMV 2250 cards support OpenGL 2.0 since it is based on the RV516 GPU found in the Radeon X1000 Series released 2005.[1][2]

The FireMV 2260 is the first video card to carry dual DisplayPort output in the workstation 2D graphics market, sporting DirectX 10.1 support.[3]

Chipset table[edit]

Configuration Dual output Quad output
FireMV 2260
FireMV 2270
FireMV 2450
FireMV 2460
Display outputs dual DisplayPort dual DisplayPort, DVI, VGA Quad DVI and VGA quad DisplayPort and quad DVI
Display connections 2 × DisplayPort DMS-59 2 × VHDCI 4 × Mini DisplayPort
Graphics memory 256MiB 512MiB or 1GiB 512MiB 512MiB
Max. resolution 2560×1600 2560×1600 1920×1200 2560×1600

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