Fire It Up (EP)

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Fire It Up
EP by Kid Rock
Released December 1993
Recorded 1993
Studio The White Room, Detroit, Michigan
Genre Rap rock
Label Continuum
Producer Kid Rock, Andrew Nehra, Michael Nehra, Mike E. Clark, D-Square
Kid Rock chronology
The Polyfuze Method
Fire It Up
Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp

Fire It Up is an EP released by Kid Rock in 1993.[1][2]


  • Samples for My Oedipus Complex,Balls In Your Mouth,The Cramper listed on page for The Polyfuze Method
  • Rollin On The Island- uses the structure of Funkadelic's I Got A Thing,You Got A Thing,Everybody's Got A Thing


Fire It Up was released in December 1993,[2] under the indie label Continuum Records. It appeared initially on cassette, compact disc,[2] and on 7" vinyl.[3] Described as being "heavy metal-leaning", Fire It Up featured an early version of the song "I Am the Bullgod", which was later rerecorded for his 1998 hit album Devil Without a Cause, with a new vocal track and modified lyrics.[4] Also included on Fire It Up was Kid Rock's first foray into country music with his cover of Hank Williams Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive".[5]

Following the success of Devil Without A Cause, Kid Rock purchased the rights to Fire It Up and licensed them to Atlantic Records.[6]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rolling Stone 2/5 stars[7][8]

At the time of its release, Fire It Up didn't get much attention outside of the local Detroit area.[1] However, it was nominated by the National Association of Independent Record Distributors for Best Heavy Metal Album in its Indie Awards in 1994.[9] Rolling Stone would later give the EP 2 out of 5 stars.

Track listings[edit]

Vinyl release[edit]

Side One
  1. "I Am the Bullgod" – 5:09
Side Two
  1. "My Oedipus Complex (Remix)" – 4:18[3]

Cassette release[edit]

Side One
  1. "I Am the Bullgod"
  2. "My Oedipus Complex (Remix)"
  3. "A Country Boy Can Survive"
Side Two
  1. "Balls In Your Mouth"
  2. "The Cramper"
  3. "Rollin' On the Island"

Promotional CD release[edit]

  1. "I Am the Bullgod" – 4:50
  2. "Country Boy Can Survive" – 4:55
  3. "My Oedipus Complex w/intro" – 4:49
  4. "My Oedipus Complex Remix" – 4:16
  5. "Prodigal Son (Down And Dirty Remix)" – 4:29

Additional Crew[edit]

  • Kid Rock – Vocals, Guitars, Sequencing, Bass, Percussion
  • Bob Ebeling – Drums
  • Andrew Nehra – Guitar, Bass, Guiro, Backing vocals
  • Michael Nehra – Solo guitar on "I Am the Bullgod"
  • Chris Peters – Guitar loop on "I Am the Bullgod"
  • Mike E. Clark – Loop on "The Cramper"
  • Jon Slow – Flute on "The Cramper"
  • Dave Seymour – Background guitar licks on "A Country Boy Can Survive"
  • Prince Vince and Wes Chill – featured on "Rollin' On the Island"


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