Fire and Ice (board game)

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Fire and Ice is an abstract strategy game played on Fano plane islands that are themselves part of a larger Fano plane.

The game of Fire and Ice has similarities to a reversed game of peg solitaire. In Fire and Ice, each player in turn (starting with the Fire player, who begins the game with a single peg in the center position of the center island) moves a peg from a spot in one Fano plane island to another spot on the same island or the same spot on another island. The place that was vacated is filled with an opponent's piece.

Control of one of the islands of the board is gained by occupying three of the pegs in one of the lines on the Fano plane. The properties of the Fano plane guarantee that when it is filled there is only one player that has a complete line - there can be no draw. The game is won by controlling the three islands of a line on the larger game board.

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