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Fire and Ice may refer to:

Books and literature[edit]




  • Fire + Ice, an English neofolk ensemble
  • Fire & Ice, a trance-music duo consisting of Laurent Véronnez (L-Vee) and Jürgen Leyers (DJ Fire)




  • Fire and Ice, a 1986 skating routine by British ice dancers Torvill and Dean
  • Fire and Ice, a professional wrestling tag team composed of Scott Norton and Harold Hogue
  • Fire and Ice, a nickname for Chris Corchiani and Rodney Monroe, basketball teammates at N.C. State from 1988 to 1991
  • Borg–McEnroe rivalry, in professional tennis, the rivalry of John McEnroe and Björn Borg, nicknamed "Fire and Ice", also the title of 2011 HBO documentary about the pair

Television episodes[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Solanum sisymbriifolium, Sticky Nightshade, also known as the Fire-and-Ice plant
  • Fire and Ice, a 1952 nail-polish shade and marketing campaign by Revlon

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