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2007 photograph of Fire and Skoal House

Fire and Skoal (also known as F&S or FnS) is the fourth-oldest senior society at Dartmouth College and the College's oldest co-ed senior society. F&S was founded in 1975, shortly after coeducation, and in 1984 moved to its current location at 29 South Park Street, built between 1893 and 1896.

F&S membership is co-ed, exclusive, and secret. Membership consists of a number of senior men and women who are selected during their junior year in a school-wide selection process known as "tapping." Every winter and spring, juniors are tapped for the senior societies through a process semi-coordinated through the College. Taps are decided through individual "lines." Membership is kept secret until the members carry canes at commencement or identify themselves in Dartmouth's yearbook, The Aegis.


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