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The fire departments of Morris County, New Jersey, United States are primarily volunteer services. The Morristown, Dover, Morris Township, Madison, Cedar Knolls, Whippany, and Picatinny Aresenal fire departments are the only paid department in the county. Many departments are switching to the Morris County dispatch center.

Volunteer departments[edit]

Boonton Fire Department[edit]

The Boonton fire department protects the town of Boonton. It is dispatched from two Fire stations (located on 311 Boonton Avenue and 100 Washington Street), and has five companies:

  • Maxfield Hook & Ladder Company No. 1
  • Salvage & Rescue Company No. 1
  • Maxfield Hose & Engine Company No. 1
  • Harmony Hose & Engine Company No. 2
  • South Boonton Hose & Engine Company No. 3

Its fleet consists of five pieces of apparatus. A 1997 Sutphan Pumper (Maxfield Hose and Engine), 2 2000 Seagrave Pumpers (South Boonton Hose and Engine and Harmony Hose and Engine), a 1986 Mack Truck with a Saulsbury rescue body (Salvage and Rescue), and a 1998 Seagrave 100' Rearmount ladder with pre-piped waterway (Maxfield Hook and Ladder). The department also has a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC, formally known as FAST), a Dive Team, and a Swift Water rescue team.

Boonton Township Fire Department[edit]

The Boonton Township Fire Department protects the township. It has two stations with two engines, a rescue pumper, a water tender and a boat.

Dover Fire Department[edit]

The Dover, New Jersey Fire Department protects the Town of Dover and Borough of Victory Gardens. The department has both paid career members, and volunteers. There is only one station located in the center of town on Warren St. Reserve pieces are kept at the former Victory Gardens Fire Department building.

  • Engine 5
  • Engine 9
  • Engine 3 (Reserve Piece - Former Victory Gardens Engine)
  • Ladder 8
  • Rescue 6
  • Squad 10
  • Squad 11 (Reserve Piece - Former Victory Gardens Ambulance)

Morris Township Fire Department[edit]

The Morris Township, New Jersey Fire Department is a combination Department with 20 sworn career firefighters and approximately 85 volunteer firefighters. The Morris Township Fire Department has protected its residents from fire since 1910. In 2015 Companies responded to approximately 1,600 emergencies within Morris Township and Neighboring municipalities. In 2015 Morris Township Fire Department also ranked highest in the county for the most fires. The career staff also runs a first responder engine also known as a "Duty Engine" to all ALS Medical's within in the Township. The Departments is currently staffing Station 1 and Station 2 with career personnel 24 hours a day. Also staffing Stations 3, 4 and 5 from 7am- 5pm seven days a week. The Township of Morris consist of 1 Career Fire Chief, 1 Career Deputy Fire Chief, 1 Career Fire Inspector, 1 Fleet Services Mechanic, 4 Part time Battalion Chiefs, 5 Volunteer Captains, 5 stations with 5 Engine Companies, 2 Ladder Companies, 1 Rescue Company, 2 Reserve apparatus and 3 special service units(Air Unit, Decontamination Unit, NJDFS Deluge/Iron Man System). The Morris Township Fire Department currently Operates at Decon Unit as part of the County Hazmat Task Force for use at Hazardous Materials Incidents across Morris County. Morris Township is a growing and developing community with many residential and commercial structures being built in the area.

-STATION 1 (Springbrook Road) Responds Fire Due to Springbrook, Bailey Hollow, Skyline, Harter Road and Rt. 202 and 287 as well as Mutual aid to Harding Twp and Morristown.

  • Engine 1
  • Reserve Engine

-STATION 2 (77 Whippany Road) Responds First Due to Collinsville, Martin Luther King Avenue, Cromwell Hills, Normandy Heights, Rt. 24 and 287 as well as Mutual Aid to Madison, Morristown and Hanover Twp.

  • Engine 2
  • Quick Response Vehicle (Deluge)

-STATION 3 (132 Western Ave) Responds First Due to Rolling Hill, Washington Valley, Burnham Park, Sunderland, Rabinical College of America, Delbarton and Villa Walsh Schools as well as Mutual Aid to Morristown, Mendham, and Harding Twp.

  • Engine 3
  • Utility 1

-STATION 4 (2 Burnham Road) Responds First Due to Rose Arbor, Fairchild, Butterworth, The Summit, Bradford Estates, Sussex Avenue and Many other businesses, neighborhoods and County facilities. Also responds Mutual Aid to Morris Plains, Morristown, and Greystone.

  • Engine 4
  • Ladder 2
  • Rescue 6
  • Utility 3

-STATION 5/FIRE HEADQUARTERS (20 Dwyer Lane) Responds First Due to Normandy Heights, Convent Station, Woodland, Rt. 287 and Many other businesses and neighborhoods as well as Mutual Aid to Madison, Morristown, Florham Park and Harding Twp.

  • Engine 5
  • Ladder 1
  • Reserve Engine
  • Decon Unit
  • Air Unit
  • Utility 2/ Fleet Services

Parsippany Fire Departments[edit]

  • Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department District No. 1

Provides fire protection for Mount Tabor, Greystone, Puddingstone, Upper Powdermill, Lower Powdermill, Glacier Hills, Tabor Lake, and Sedgefield sections as well as a RIC team, and Vehicle Rescue capabilities. 3 Stations, Powdermill Road, Tarn Drive, and Simpson Ave (Storage Only)

    • Tarn Drive
      • Truck 611 (100' Platform)
      • Engine 613
      • Rescue 614
    • Powdermill Road
      • Engine 615
      • Engine 616
  • Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Department District No. 2

Provides fire protection to Rainbow Lakes, Interpace Parkway, and Park Road sections as well as a stretch of I-80 1 Station, Fox Hill Road

  • Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company District No. 3

Provides fire protection to Lake Parsippany Section 1 Station, Halsey Road

    • Halsey Road
      • Ladder 632 (2007 75' Pierce Quint)
      • Engine 631 (2012 Pierce Type I Engine)
      • Engine 634 (1995 Pierce Type I Engine)
      • Utility 633 (1990 Ford E
  • Lake Hiawatha Fire Department District No. 4

Provides fire protection to Lake Hiawatha Section as well as a RIC team. 1 Station, North Beverwyck Road

    • North Beverywck Road
      • Truck 643 (65' Quint)
      • Engine 642
      • Engine 641
      • Squad 644
  • Rockaway Neck Volunteer Fire Department District No. 5

Provides fire protection for Rockaway Neck section, and sections of I-80, and I 280. District 5 also provides HAZMAT coverage. 2 Stations, Old Bloomfield Ave, South Beverwyck Road

Parsippany - Troy Hills Fire Association District No. 6

Provides fire protection to Tivoli Gardens, Cambridge Village, Hills of Troy, Morris Hills Shopping Center, Green Hill Shopping Center, Hilton/Hampton Hotels, Sylvan way and Campus Drive Area, Jefferson Road Area, Lake Intervale, and Mazdabrook Housing and Senior centers, as well as sections of I-80, I-287, 46, 10, and 202. They have 2 Stations,

  • 60 Littleton Road (Main station)
  • Engine 662 (1990, twin of Engine 661) Photo
      • Ladder 663 (2003) Photo
      • Tower/Truck 664 or T-6 (1998 102' with platform) Photo
      • Engine 665 (2010) Photo
  • Smith Road (Sub-station)
      • Engine 661 (1990, twin or Engine 662) Photo
      • Old Engine 665 Photo


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