Fire on the Amazon

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Fire on the Amazon
Fire on the Amazon DVD cover
Directed by Luis Llosa
Produced by Luis Llosa
Written by Luana Anders
Catherine Cyran
Beverly Gray
Starring Craig Sheffer
Sandra Bullock
Juan Fernández
Judith Chapman
Ramsay Ross
Music by Roy J. Ravio
Cinematography Pili Flores-Guerra
Edited by Robert L. Goodman
Michael Thibault
Distributed by Concorde-New Horizons
Release date
  • October 1993 (1993-10)
Running time
78-102 min (depending on cut)
Country United States
Language English

Fire on the Amazon is a 1993 American-Peruvian drama-adventure film directed by Luis Llosa and starring Craig Sheffer and Sandra Bullock.


In Bolivia's Amazon basin, corporate cattle ranches are replacing the rain forest. When Santos, charismatic leader of the union of rubber tappers, forges an alliance with Natives to protest deforestation, he is assassinated. O'Brien, a US photo-journalist who has no skills as an investigator, wants a story when he thinks the police have framed and murdered an innocent Native as the assassin. In his search for the truth, he involves Lysa Rothman, who worked for Santos and with whom he falls in love. As he gets deeper into trouble with the cops and the real assassin, he needs not only Lysa's help but also that of the Natives' leader.



As reported on A&E's Biography on November 18, 2005, in an interview clip with the film's director, the film was a harrowing experience in many ways. Bullock was concerned that the canoe she was riding could have possibly tipped over and dumped her in dangerous waters.

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