Fire on the Water

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Fire on the Water
Author Joe Dever
Cover artist Gary Chalk
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Lone Wolf
Genre Children's literature
Publisher Berkley / Pacer
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 0-09-935900-6
OCLC 12464405
Preceded by Flight from the Dark
Followed by The Caverns of Kalte

Fire on the Water is the second installment in the award-winning Lone Wolf book series created by Joe Dever. It is the installment where Lone Wolf receives the legendary Sommerswerd.


In this second installment, the reader is allowed to choose an additional Kai Discipline if they completed Flight from the Dark, for a total of six Kai Disciplines. The reader also begins with a much better selection of equipment than previously available. This installment also introduces the 'Sommerswerd' - a divinely crafted weapon which grants bonuses to Combat Skill that are very useful, especially when used against undead enemies, in later installments.


Having informed the King of Sommerlund about the fate of the Kai Order, Lone Wolf is instructed to make a journey to their ally, the neighbouring country of Durenor, to retrieve the legendary Sommerswerd, which is Sommerlund’s only hope at repelling Darklord Zagarna’s massive invasion. Lone Wolf is given the Seal of Hammerdal and sets off on a ship bound for Durenor, but when a traitor on board sabotages the ship, he is forced to make his way on foot to Durenor despite the enemies that await him around every corner.


The introduction of the Sommerswerd and its awesome power within the subsequent books made some fans question whether Joe Dever's intention of making every book accomplishable on its own still realistic.[1] The plot and story of the book was greeted favorably by most readers, but a challenging encounter in the book called the "Tunnel to Hammerdal Chokepoint" (along with some accompanying errata in some editions) detracted from the enjoyment of the book for some readers.[2] This criticism was addressed and the text changed in the 2007 edition.[citation needed]

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