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Fireal is a Finnish rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band was founded in 2009 by singer/songwriter Caleb Daniel Lit. The band was formerly known as Bleak (1997–2009).

Band members[edit]

  • Caleb – Vocals
  • T-Noir – Programming


Fireal were the opening act for HIM at the Helldone Festival 2009. They signed a record deal with Warner Music Finland in 2010. Fireal also featured in the Finnish movie Harjunpää ja Pahan Pappi performing The Imperia, and the music video of their first single Halo was shot on set. In 2011, the ballad Ariel from the album The Dark Side reached number 1 in the radio YleX Himotuimmat chart. The album received several four and five star reviews. In 2012, Fireal parted ways with Warner Music Finland and started working on a new album, titled “LITƎ”. The first single from the album is due to be released in autumn 2013.



  • Albums
    • [Burns Inside] (2006), HMC – Helsinki Music Company
  • Singles
    • Silvertigo (2007)
    • What You Are (2006)
    • Play (2005)
  • Demos
    • Crossword (2004)
    • Smoke (2003)
    • Luna Umbra (1999)
    • Demo (1998)


  • Albums
  • Singles
    • Ariel (2011)
    • Breathe (2010)
    • Halo (2010)

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