Firebird 2015 AD

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Firebird 2015 AD
Firebird 2015 AD.jpg
Directed by David M. Robertson
Produced by Glenn Ludlow
Merritt White
Written by Barry Pearson
Maurice Hurley
Biff McGuire
Starring Darren McGavin
Doug McClure
Music by Paul Hoffert
Lawrence Shragge
Cinematography Robert Fresco
Edited by Michael MacLaverty
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Country Canada
Language English

Firebird 2015 AD is a 1981 Canadian science fiction film directed by David M. Robertson and starring Darren McGavin and Doug McClure.[1][2]


In the year 2015 the US government outlaws the distribution of gasoline to the public, reserving it only for the politicians, the Military and law enforcement. While it is implied this is due to a fuel shortage, later dialogue rebuffs this stating that gasoline is in abundance. Civilians are also banned from owning or using any form of motor vehicle, and those that do are refer to as Burners who do so as a form of rebellion. Burners however are monitored and dealt with harshly by the DVC; The Department of Vehicle Control.

Red, a middle aged Burner drives a 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am. His teenage son Cameron however isn't much of a car enthusiast and always raises the issue of how Red is breaking the law.

Meanwhile, another Burner is planning on chauffeuring a senator to a conference where he intends to make civilian use of motor vehicles legal again. But while en route, the Burner is intercepted by a DVC squad led by McVain (Doug McClure). His subordinate Dolan; a quiet sociopath blows the Burner away with a grenade launcher. While Shana, another member of McVain's team is appalled by this and how McVain constantly overlooks the matter.

Red takes Cameron for a ride to try and spark his interest in motor cars. They then meet up with Red's friend Indy; another Burner who drives a Ford Mustang. While he and Red race through the desert to see whose car is faster, Cameron gets acquainted with Indy's daughter Jill, who makes repeated attempts of hitting on him while showing him how to drive her dune buggy.

Red and Indy's race however is cut short when the DVC lay an ambush. But an over-anxious member fires too soon and the two make their getaway.

Cameron and Jill head in to a barn to have sex, but are caught by McVain's subordinates who ruff up Cameron and assault Jill before making it off with her. Cameron limps his way home and tells Red and Indy what happened. They modify their cars for a raid on the DVC's camp site to rescue Jill.

During this, Shana appalled at Jill's treatment frees her and the two escape while the rest of the DVC are run down by the burners. The next day Cameron and Jill decide to chauffeur the senator themselves in the Fire Bird, while Red gets acquainted with Shana.



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