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The Fireflies Festival of Sacred Music is an annual music festival held at the Fireflies Ashram off Kanakapura road, Bangalore. It was previously known as Bhoomi Jathre.

The festival[edit]

The stage, as always, is set under a banyan tree in an open-air amphitheatre, adjacent to a lake and away from the sodium trail of the city .[citation needed] Here, through music we celebrate the relationship of oneness between man and earth.[citation needed] This forms the bedrock of the festival ethos.[citation needed] It is also a celebration of the pluralism of India.[citation needed][citation needed] The festival, from dusk to dawn, is a cultural experience where on offer is sounds of various genres.[citation needed] Taking care to juxtapose the indigenous with the international, the established with the unheard of, and jazz with tribal folk.[citation needed] It is one of those peaceful and soothing time that one really needs in their busy and hectic life.[citation needed]

The first year the theme was "Peace in Iraq", the second year the need to conserve water, the third year "Protect and grow more trees", and the fourth year "The inner journey–The outer journey".[citation needed]

The Fireflies festival covers a wide range of musical genres including Hindustani and carnatic vocal and instrumental, baul, fusion, western jazz, folk, alternative music, and many experimental and innovative genres.[citation needed]

The coming edition is being organized on 19 February 2011, starting from 7 PM to 7 AM. Passes need to be purchased. One should visit the official website to get contact details and further information.


For the 2011 festival, the ANNOUNCED line-up is as follows:[citation needed]

1. Thermal and a Quarter[citation needed]

2. Swarathma[citation needed]

3. Something Relevant[citation needed]

4. Moon Arra[citation needed]

5. Spinifex with Dr Mysore Manjunath[citation needed]

6. The Bicycle Days[citation needed]

7. Esperanto[citation needed]

8. Dollu Kunitha[citation needed]

9. Parvaaz[citation needed]

10. yodhakaa[citation needed]

11. Vedanth and Bindu[citation needed]

12. Faiyaz Khan[citation needed]

13. Sandesh lays UK[citation needed]

Artistes who participated in the festival of 20/21 February 2010 were:

Artists who participated in the festival of 21/22 February 2009 were:

Performers that have participated in this festival include:


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