Firehall Arts Centre

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Firehall Arts Centre
Firehall Arts Centre.jpg
Firehall Arts Centre in 2007
Address280 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1L3
Coordinates49°16′55″N 123°05′53″W / 49.28205°N 123.09793°W / 49.28205; -123.09793Coordinates: 49°16′55″N 123°05′53″W / 49.28205°N 123.09793°W / 49.28205; -123.09793
TypeLocal authority

The Firehall Arts Centre (also called the Firehall Centre for the Arts) is an arts centre in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1] The building also falls within the borders of Gastown.[2] Firehall is a small building,[3] originally built as a fire station in 1906.[4] Three theatre companies are based out of Firehall: Touchstone Theatre, Firehall Theatre Company, and Axis Mime.[5] Firehall is devoted to exhibiting dance, performance art, and new plays.[6] Firehall is Vancouver's foremost exhibitor of experimental theatre.[7] The theatre has a 150-seat capacity.[8] St. James Anglican Church is diagonally opposite the intersection from Firehall.[9] Every year, Firehall hosts a dance festival called "Dancing on the Edge" that lasts two weeks.[10]


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