Fires Under the Road

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Fires Under The Road
GrimSkunk FiresUnderTheRoad.png
Studio album by GrimSkunk
Released October 31, 2006 (Canada, North America)
Recorded August 2006
Genre Hard rock
Length 53:37
Label Indica Records (Canada)
Producer Garth Richardson
GrimSkunk chronology
Seventh Wave
Fires Under the Road

Fires Under The Road is an album and a song from the Quebec hard rock group GrimSkunk released in 2006.[1] The album marks the return of the classic GrimSkunk sound and is the first with new bass player Vince Peake, from the defunct band Groovy Aardvark.

Song List[edit]

  1. Psychedelic Wonderdrug
  2. America Sucks
  3. Wakin' & Bakin'
  4. Fires Under The Road
  5. You Could Be Beautiful
  6. VQL (Vive le Québec libre)
  7. Divide And Conquer
  8. Blown To Pieces
  9. Out Of My Life
  10. What Do You Say
  11. We Are Lords
  12. Power Corrupts
  13. Worldly Grace
  14. Parfait Perdant
  15. Crazy


  • Manu Eveno – guest artist, oud
  • Mike Fraser – mixing
  • Ben Kaplan – engineer
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering


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