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Video game developer
IndustryVideo games
Key people
Graeme Ankers, Lee Carus, Chris Roberts, Stuart Tilley, Stuart Lovegrove
ServicesVideo game development
Number of employees
WebsiteOfficial website

Firesprite is a [1][2] video game developer formed by former members of the SCE Studio Liverpool based in Liverpool, UK.[3][4]

Firesprite was founded by Graeme Ankers as Managing Director, Lee Carus as Art Director, Chris Roberts as Technical Director, Stuart Tilley as Game Director and Stuart Lovegrove as Programming Director.

The studio is staffed by some developers that were part of the original SCE Studio Liverpool when it was still called Psygnosis and the five people in the studio's core leadership team have worked on games for every PlayStation console.

"The founding team met up socially after Studio Liverpool and we talked about all the things we had achieved over the years, the platform launches, the variety of games, going back to Psygnosis days and through to F1 and Wipeout. We knew we wanted to carry on making great games," Ankers told IGN.

Psygnosis was acquired by Sony in 1993 then in 2001 renamed to SCE Studio Liverpool and the entity was closed down in 2012. The studio is probably most well known for the Wipeout series.

In 2013, the team helped develop one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4, an augmented reality game, The Playroom. Run Sackboy! Run! followed on mobile devices in 2014. Again in collaboration with SIE Japan Studio, and one of the launch titles for Playstation VR, The Playroom VR was created "by the same team that brought you The Playroom on PS4" and released in 2016.[5]

Currently Firesprite is working on tools and an engine for their new upcoming game "The Persistence" for PSVR.[6]

Following up in May 2019, it was announced that an update would be released soon for "The Persistence". Launching as a free update for owners of the game, the Complete Edition will bring "The Persistence" to flat-screen TVs for the first time.[7]

Leading staff[edit]

Directors/Co-Founders are Graeme Ankers, Lee Carus, Chris Roberts, Stuart Tilley and Stuart Lovegrove [3]

Development history[edit]

Title Year Platforms
The Playroom 2013 PlayStation 4 with PlayStation Camera
Run Sackboy! Run! 2014 PlayStation Vita, Android, IOS
The Playroom VR 2016 PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR
Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall 2017 PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR
The Persistence 2018 PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR


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