Fireworks (1947 film)

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Directed by Kenneth Anger
Starring Kenneth Anger
Music by Ottorino Respighi
Distributed by Mystic Fire Video (DVD)
Release dates
  • 1947 (1947)
Running time
14 min.
Country United States

Fireworks (1947) is a homoerotic experimental film by Kenneth Anger. Filmed in his parents' home in Beverly Hills, California over a long weekend while they were away, the film stars Anger and explicitly explores themes of homosexuality and sado-masochism.[1] It is the earliest of his works to survive.

Anger synopsizes the film thus: "A dissatisfied dreamer awakes, goes out in the night seeking a 'light' and is drawn through the needle's eye. A dream of a dream, he returns to bed less empty than before." Adding later, "This flick is all I have to say about being seventeen, the United States Navy, American Christmas, and the Fourth of July."[2]

Anger was arrested on obscenity charges following the release of Fireworks.[citation needed] In 1958, a lawsuit was brought against the manager Raymond Rohauer of L.A.'s Coronet Theatre for screening Fireworks.[3][4] The case became "an epic obscenity trial" in the California Supreme Court[5] which declared the film to be art.[6]


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