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The Firos (FIROS) was an Italian multiple rocket launcher system developed during the Cold War. The 122 mm rockets were mounted on an armoured 6×6 truck (lorry) for mobility. The Firos vehicles were mounted with forty 122 mm long range rockets. The 122 mm rocket was designed as a surface-to-surface rocket.[1][2]

The first version developed was the Firos-25, some 125 of which were exported to the United Arab Emirates in the 1980s.[3] The more powerful Firos-30, with a range of over 30 km,[4] were built in the late 1980s, and entered into service with the Italian Army in 1987.[5]

The Firos were similar to the Russian BM-21 Grad in that they both used 122 mm rockets in groups of forty, although they differed considerably in command and control systems and base vehicle.


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