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Firoz Mahmud
Firoz Mahmud.jpg
Firoz Mahmud
Born (1974-09-05) September 5, 1974 (age 44)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi

University of Dhaka

Tama Art University

Tokyo University of the Arts

Known for Contemporary Art
Movement NinKi: Urgency of Proximate Drawing, Layapa Stencil Painting

Firoz Mahmud is a Bangladeshi artist. He works on installation, painting, drawing, photograph and other media of art. He has created several large scale installation art projects on particular concepts and thematic idea on his own country. His artworks were predominantly been green color with somewhat brown to re-imagine Bangladesh's primary color or color of his land and soil which describe his native culture and history.

Early life and career[edit]

He received a fellowship from Asian Cultural Council.[1] as an Asian Cultural Council guarantees and attended in a residency program at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York in 2011.[2]


Mahmud makes large scale installation projects. He exhibited Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006 in Nigata Japan (2.1) where he exhibited numerous wooden airplane in the city of Tokamachi.[3] Mahmud is one of the finalist artists at The Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2007 in Hong Kong.[4] He was invited to exhibit at the 9th Sharjah Art Biennial[5] in 2009 where he exhibited large sculptural installation, 'Halcyon Tarp' with Royal Bengal Tigers. In 2010 he created 26 feet long fighter aircraft sculptural installation 'Sucker'wfp21' to exhibit 1st Aichi Art Triennial[6] at Aichi Arts Center,[7] Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in 2010. Mahmud was invited to an exhibition 'Step Across This Line'[8]- Contemporary art from Bangladesh, India & Pakistan in Asia House London co-organized by Grosvenor Gallery[9] and curated by Deeksha Nath.

Layapa Stencil Painting 'The Start of the End of the Reign of the Subcontinent: during the time of my forefathers`

Painting: Stencil painting & Mixed Media[edit]

Mahmud creates oil painting with the technique of stencil rendering thick layers of oil colors. He divides his time also on mixed media on homemade paper works.

He has painting series which he calls 'Layapa Stencil Painting' are based on history and myth of Bengal, political history and political wars in Bengal region and relations of West and East Bengal (now Bangladesh). He exhibited his stencil painting in his solo exhibition 'Lamentation in Two Lies'[10] at the Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo in 2011. He exhibited solo exhibition 'NinKi: Legacies, Run over the Yamuna’[11] simultaneously with Nandan Ghiya at Exhibit 320[12] in New Delhi in 2015.

Visitors are closely watching 'Sucker'wfp21' aircraft sculptural at Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in Nagoya, Japan


Mahmud works on arranged and conceptual photography. Since 2009, he has been working on a photography series called Soaked Dream which engage families with children and eye-glass sculptures. [1](23)]. He created numerous photograph series on dream of families in several cities. Among the series, he exhibited in 'The Missing One' project curated by Nada Raza at Dhaka Art Summit in 2016 and later the exhibition went to the Office of Contemporary Art [OCA] in Oslo Norway. In 2017, the Soaked Dream photograph series was exhibited at Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid in New York by ABC No RIO at Flux Factory.


Solo exhibition[edit]

Among Mahmud`S solo exhibitions include Asbestos Art Space and city billboards, Bandung, Indonesia ,[13]

Group exhibition[edit]

Biennial, Triennial exhibitions include the 2013 Setouchi Triennale art festival, Aichi Triennial (10),[14], Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial (06 & 09/DAP),[3].


In 2013, Asia Society[15] in Honk Kong invited him in a symposium 'Continuous Horizons: Contemporary Art for Asia, No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia Programs’ Co-organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Mahmud was featured on Japan Times[16] and DNP[17] magazine written by Lucy Birmingham.[18] He exhibited his solo exhibition "Loss of the Toss is Blessing of Their Disguise," on NinKi:Urgency of Proximate Drawing at Dhaka Art Center in 2013.[19][20] The Daily Star featured on his ongoing (primarily anonymous) NinKi: Urgency of Proximate Drawing photograph when he had a solo exhibition at Dhaka Art Center.[21]

Gallery representation[edit]

He is represented by Ota Fine Arts[22] in Tokyo and Singapore and Exhibit 320[12] in New Delhi. He started to exhibit with Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo since 2008. His first exhibition was with Tomoko Kashiki and Manami Koike with the title-`When you switch off your mobile, painting starts to talk eloquently’ in Tokyo which was Curated by Ozawa Tsuyoshi andTsuruta Yoriko.


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