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Firoze Madatally Manji (born 1950) is a Kenyan-born author, activist and editor-in-Chief.[1][2] He is the founder and executive director of Fahamu and editor of Pambazuka Press, an online news magazine.[3] He is also the former Africa director for Amnesty International[4] and former CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation [5]


Manji was born in Kenya, to Kenya's "Biscuit Baron" Madatally Manji and his wife Fatima.[6] After obtaining a dentistry degree in the UK, he started his career as a dentist for a short time. He then began working as a dental researcher with the Kenya Medical Research Institute.[6] During this time he worked towards getting a Masters and PhD in dental surgery. He worked for the International Development Research Center throughout Africa and then the Aga Khan Foundation in the UK.


  • African Awakenings, The Emerging Revolutions, 2011[7]
  • China's New Role in Africa and the South: A Search for a New Perspective, 2008
  • From the Slave Trade to ‘Free’ Trade: How Trade Undermines Democracy and Justice in Africa (with Patrick Burnett)

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