First-run syndication in the United States, 2000s

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These are first-run syndicated television shows that air on commercial broadcast stations in a significant number of markets. If it has only aired in a few markets, it is not significantly important enough to be placed on this list. Note that shows listed here do not necessarily air in every market.

Current programs[1][edit]

These shows currently air in first-run syndication.

Talk/Conversation shows[edit]

Tabloid/newsmagazine shows[edit]

Crime/law enforcement shows[edit]

Game/Competition shows[edit]

Reality court/judicial shows[edit]

Viral/viewer-submitted video series[edit]

Canceled/ended programs[1][edit]

These shows aired between 2000 and 2013, but production on these series has been halted.

Talk/Conversation shows[edit]

Tabloid shows[edit]

Game/Competition shows[edit]

Reality dating shows[edit]

Disputable discussion shows[edit]

Lifestyle shows[edit]

Makeover reality shows[edit]

Movie review shows[edit]

Newsmagazine shows[edit]

Paranormal reality shows[edit]

Reality court/judicial shows[edit]

Reality shows[edit]

Sports shows[edit]

Variety shows[edit]

Viewer-submitted video series[edit]

Scripted series[edit]

(†) - indicates year entered U.S. syndication

Entertainment Studios[edit]

  • (2002–2009)
  • Every Woman (2000–2009)
  • The Gossip Queens (2010–2011)
  • Kickin' It (2002–2011)
  • My (2010–2012)
  • (2004–2010)
  • Who Wants to Date a Comedian (2011–2012)

See also[edit]

  • MyNetworkTV, a broadcast syndication service (formerly a television network)


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