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First 4 Figures is a United Kingdom and Hong Kong based toy and model company. First 4 Figures produces merchandise statues of well-known licenses, such as Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog.


First 4 Figures was established in 2003 to produce high quality officially licensed resin collectibles. After acquiring the worldwide WWE resin statue license in 2003, First 4 Figures was dedicated to bringing the industry's newest and most innovative statues to the market. Since then, First 4 Figures has gone on to expand its license portfolio to include Dark Souls and Tekken along with other high-profile licenses. Early 2006, First 4 Figures announced an agreement with Nintendo to produce statues for some of their franchises, such as The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. In October 2006 they announced the license for 2000AD to produce a set of collectibles. In early 2008, they announced classic Sonic the Hedgehog line and in early 2012 they announced their first statue from modern Sonic the Hedgehog line.


Besides normal character statues, First 4 Figures also produces busts, replica props and diorama statues. All of the statues are limited in quantity and are put up for preorder for only 2 weeks and are usually not produced after being sold out. Payment plans are available if you cannot pay the full amount all at once and come in 3 and 6 months and require a deposit. If you miss the preorder period you can go on a waitlist and wait till someone cancels their preorder and get a confirmed order. Due note that waitlist orders have no payment plans and must be paid in full amount when they ship. Most of the statues are available in 2 versions:

  • Regular - Doesn't have any additional features. Can be bought at and several other retailers in addition to First 4 Figures website.
  • Exclusive - Typically is just Regular Edition with an added special bonus which is usually lighted parts (usually base) which is powered by either a rechargeable battery with an adapter or AA Batteries, a different paint color like bronze or a clear resin for example, extra props which can be extra hands, a sword, and maybe a different face expression and many more different kinds of bonuses. Exclusive editions can only be bought from F4F directly and will not be sold to retailers.

All figures come with a Certificate of Authenticity which allows the buyer to get next statues in the same series in the same exact number they got with the first one. For example, if you get the first statue in a new line and get number 6 you will be able to get number 6 through the whole line. Some of the statues (like "20th Anniversary Sonic") are not available for purchase from First 4 Figures and can only be obtained from various events or contests. Those statues usually don't have a Certificate of Authenticity included.



Video games[edit]


These licenses are no longer produced:


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